Silent Disco with Lenny a Loud Success at Glenkeen

Can I have a short back and sides please in silence? Not a problem to our dementia friendly barber Lenny.
Lenny has been coming to the home every 6 weeks to provide an outstanding talent for our men. However, this time was different. Lenny brought along his ‘Silent Disco’ set. At first the residents were curious about it but Lenny reassured them that they would enjoy it. Lenny gave each man a set of headphones and played their favourite music through them while they were getting their wet shave and trim. Lenny also had a transmitter connected to the phones and a headset microphone that he had, so therefore Lenny was able to communicate with residents which was very beneficial as all of our men were singing aloud and cheering along.

Lenny is now due back on Christmas Eve where he says he is going to add a bit of ‘Festive Spark’ this year. Once again a BIG THANKS to Lenny for paying us a visit !