Knowing that a loved one is coming to the end of their life is not an easy thing to come to terms with. Now, more than ever, you want them to receive the best possible care, allowing them to end their days painlessly and with dignity.

At Hutchinson Care Homes we understand how difficult and emotional this time is for the families of the person nearing end of life. We recognise and value the essential role you play, and that’s why we encourage families and the people who matter most to be full partners in planning the patient’s care and fully involved in all decisions affecting the person’s end of life care.

Caring for the patient

First and foremost our focus is always on the dying patient, making sure we do our best to enhance his/her remaining days in a warm, homely, caring environment. By identifying and relieving his/her physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual pain we will minimise and ease the person’s suffering.

Management and staff at Hutchinson Care Homes strive for excellence at all times, and the staff team are fully trained in all aspects of palliative care, focusing their efforts on:

  • Providing relief from suffering and managing physical symptoms
    such as sickness or loss of appetite
  • Understanding the patient’s wishes
  • Caring for the spiritual or religious needs of the patient
  • Providing all necessary practical support and advice

We also work closely with other care professionals to prevent inappropriate and often distressing admissions to hospital.

Caring for families

Our dedicated, compassionate professional staff team at each home within the group will ensure sensitive care and support not only for the patients, but also for their families throughout the illness, and during bereavement. With comfortable private facilities, families and friends can visit when they want, as often as they want, allowing you to remain close to your loved one in those last precious days.

To find out more about our palliative care services or to discuss your concerns regarding the needs of a terminally ill family member or friend, please contact us at any of our seven care homes within the group or our Home Care service- ‘Hutchinson at Home’ who can assist and support at this difficult time.