Glenkeen Honours Maud Nicholl, A Supercentenarian. Happy 110th Birthday Maud !

Maud Nicholl was born in 1909, in Ballymena. She was a daughter to John and Jane Nicholl and a loving sister to Joe. Maud grew up in a beautiful Victorian house which was situated on the Dans Road. The house was surrounded by beautiful gardens and orchards which Maud was besotted by. The Nicholl family kept a lot of Great Danes which all were named, ‘Bruce’. As Maud grew up, her parents taught her to read and write which then helped her to progress to be a bank worker. Once Maud’s Father took unwell, she quit her job and devoted her time and love to looking after her Father and then eventually, her brother Joe. Maud moved to Kells in the early 70s where she continued to cook, clean and of course, garden, for herself.

Maud was welcomed into Glenkeen just a little over 6 months ago where she continually repeats how much she loves the ‘girls’ (carers and nurses) and she is yet to mention her home back in Kells.

All the residents and staff at Glenkeen salute you Maud on your 110th Birthday !