Afternoon Tea for Anyone at The Glenkeen Monday Club?

Tea is the cure for everything! ‘I’ll have a creamed coffee please, with no sugar,  for I am sweet enough!’

Glenkeen has introduced a new activity called ‘The Monday Club’ which consists of a group of fine ladies from the home, who are invited up to a beautiful homemade Tea Party with china cups.
The residents are provided with Tea, Coffee, Wine (Schloer really), which is accompanied by tray-bakes, cakes, buns, chocolate coated strawberries, sweets, biscuits and so much more!

This is a brilliant idea for ladies to come up and chat with their friends over a cup of  tea. Background music is usually provided which can be anything from opera to simply Elvis Presley. This has proved to be a huge success and we will continue to host it every fortnight.

Raise your pinky now and why now consider joining us on our next Afternoon Tea event …you’ll be made very welcome !