Clareview Celebrate Yet Another Food Related Themed Day Naturally !

Is it only me or is there a tendency in Clareview to celebrate every food related themed day under the sun?

There’s actually a food holiday for every single day of the year — including more than one Hamburger Day and a Cheeseburger Day, Fish & Chip Day, National Nutty Fudge Day and let’s not forget Homer Simpson’s favourite …Doughnut Day.
I digress as apparently there is truly a food holiday for every day of the year and Nurse Manager Sharon has commenced her quest to celebrate as many as possible with residents  and staff.
So Clareview not only enjoyed the lovely weather last week but on Friday 28th June they celebrated National Cream tea day in style with scones, doughnuts and vanilla slices.
Guess we need to watch this space to see what Nurse Manager Sharon has next in her sights!
The smart money is on Ice Cream Day on July 17th !