Baking, Singing & Bursting Bubbles – No End to The Residents Skill Sets at Drummaul House!

At Drummaul House we were baking buns this week and found that our residents especially enjoyed separating out the bun cases as it brought back great memories of baking day. We spoke about ‘baking day’ and what were their grandchildren’s favourites.

Grange Baptist church came to to do their last Friday in the month hymn sing along  and we are starting to know them by name and our residents have enjoyed the friendships made from having them singing for us at Christmas. This week  the minister was reminiscing about old school days and it brought back some great memories. Lena enjoyed the choir as she used to be in the church choir right up until she moved into our home.
They say you should never work with animals or children but not for us here at Drummaul House. We love nothing better than when children visit or when someone brings along a wee dog. This is two year old Joe blowing bubbles for the residents and staff to pop and the residents cheered Joe on as he soon as got the hang of it !