Clonlee Residents Begin A Journey To Better Health with Chi Me Session

It was a fun filled day today in Clonlee, but Audrey said the best part was the newly introduced Chi Me afternoon session with Mark Millar – think that was because Mark told her she was the star pupil on the day !

I digress…Antrim based Personal Chi Me Instructor, Mark Millar came into the home and introduced some of the residents to a different method of exercise and there was smiles all around. Mark showed them Chi Me which is designed to improve strength, mobility and balance and give participants a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Chi Me exercises can help improve muscular strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and relaxation – so at Clonlee the residents came along, forgot about the world for a while whilst unwinding and enjoying the 30 minute session.  A  series of Tai Chi influenced exercises will help you relax, breathe deeply and perform graceful upper and lower body moves that flow into each other.

Mark was eager to bring his skills to the elderly in Nursing Homes and Carol said she was very delighted with the session and felt it beneficial and relaxing.
Thank you Mark and  everyone is looking froward to our next session.