Caring Partners for 56 Years!

Roy & Becky Dodds have been together for 60 years and recently celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary at Antrim Care Home where Roy is a resident. During this global pandemic contact has obviously been very limited but the special anniversary was something which everyone was keen to celebrate and make special for the couple.

Becky is a nominated care partner for Roy and is seen in the picture helping Roy to enjoy his ‘anniversary’ lunch! Becky is extremely grateful to the staff in Antrim Care Home for the way in which they have kept her informed about Roy and his wellbeing during this covid era. Becky says, “This visit today means the world to me – we have been together 60 years and never were apart; being able to be here at meal time means I can go home content that Roy is well and able to eat a full meal and dessert and a few additional chocolates! Not that I ever doubt the staff when they tell me how well he is doing …. it’s just so nice to see for myself”

As for Roy who has limited communication when he was told how this was his 56th Wedding Anniversary and after some eye rolling, evidence of his bright personality shone through.

Sharon Smyth, Home Manager at Antrim Care Home, said how they aim to celebrate and share all special occasions as safely as possible during the covid experience and limitations of the time we are living in. Staff in Antrim Care Home are committed to making sure life is as normal as possible for all the residents and special events are acknowledged.