Baby Loading at Glenkeen…

Today was our Activity Nurse Francine’s last day before she commences her Maternity Leave.

Francine has worked with us for over 3 years and we are really going to miss her while she is off. To reflect her good working relationships with the rest of the staff, the girls all prepared a lovely baby shower with gifts, cake and hot food. The whole room was decorated for the event which shows how strong and great the work ethnic is in Glenkeen Nursing Home.

We wish Francine all the best for her and her baby which will be due soon! She will be a great mum. The only thing is we don’t know how to take on the fact there could possibly be 2 Francine’s about, as if one wasn’t enough! Just kidding.

The activity nurse position will be temporarily fulfilled to ensure your loved ones continue to get all the great activities available.