Some spring crafting at Clareview ..blooming marvellous everyone !

   They really are crafting experts at Clareview and here’s the proof. The residents settled down for the morning and produced these lovely Cherry Blossom trees designs . There really […]

A Very Happy Easter at Clareview Enjoyed By Everyone

. . What a great afternoon we had to celebrate Easter at Clareview after all our hard work crafting and making the place so beautiful. Paul Foreman came to sing […]

Everything’s Looking Lovely at Clareview this Easter… well done everyone !

What a great afternoon the staff and residents had recently at Clareview making beautiful Easter wreaths –  the residents got so involved and enjoyed the activity. As if that ‘ […]

The residents and staff at Clareview had a great St Patrick’s Day to Be Sure , To Be Sure !

Top of the morning to you this St Patrick’s Day…..Clareview staff and residents enjoyed their St Patrick’s Day party  and everyone seemed to be suitably adorned with a festive St […]

What a lovely Mother’s Day we had at Clareview on Sunday

Our residents got spoilt rotten and was so lovely to see them happy to spend time with their loved ones. Huge thank you to Grace our cook for putting on […]

Clareview wishes a huge Happy 60th Birthday to our Manager Sharon

Clareview had a great day celebrating Sharon’s 60th birthday. Thank you for being such a great manager in Clareview and wish you happiest of birthdays from all staff! Thank you […]

Loving Christmas Carols at Clareview

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Ballyclare Victoria Flute Band who came tonight to play Christmas carols for us at Clareview.  The exceptional performance brought tears […]

Getting in to festive spirits at Clareview

The residents thoroughly enjoyed decorating ginger bread houses today! What a great day we had…. Christmas music on singing and dancing while having fun

Wear it Pink Day at Clareview Nursing Home

Huge thank you to staff and families who donated for a great cause on Friday 20th October. Thank you to our cook Grace who took the time to bake the […]

Special visit to Clareview on a special day!

Saturday 9th September our Resident Jean’s daughter Jenny and now son in law Phillip tied the knot, They came to visit their mum at Clareview on their special day! Wow […]