Visits Suspended – Update 22 September

Across our whole group the overriding objective is to ensure the wellbeing of all our residents, clients and staff members. In recent months during the ongoing global pandemic we have sought to ensure this is always the case. We have looked at the guidance and listened to the experts and from all that knowledge we have been striving to ensure good practice is achieved.

As a ‘second wave’ has been officially recognized by the Prime Minister it is important that we ensure we maximize the elimination of risk to those in our care and having considered the opinions of our managers and staff it is felt prudent to temporarily suspend visiting to all our homes until further notice.

This is not a decision which has been taken lightly but one which is made to bring assurance to the population and wider community of our care homes. Virtual visits and phone calls remain available and staff will do their best at all times to facilitate and maintain contact with loved ones and friends. Our own Minister for Health has expressed how ‘deeply concerning’ the situation is and like him we are asking everyone to play their part.

We hope that you will understand our reasons and motivation for this decision today and that you will be patient with all our staff as they seek to find a way to maximize the much-needed interaction and social contact as soon as possible again.

Visits will be suspended from 7pm on 22nd September 2020 and we will inform you as soon as the temporary suspension has been ended.


Thank you.

Eddy Kerr