‘Going To The Pictures’ at Drummaul House Brings Back Great Memories

We know it’s called the movies or the cinema but all our residents remember ‘ going to the pictures ‘ as it used to be called.

So there was great excitement when we had ‘Memories Cinemas’ in with us this week. Harry set up a projector screen and we pulled the curtains and had popcorn just like the real thing.

Residents and staff looked back in time at scenes from Belfast, Portrush and Ballymena and  all the old show-bands and  dance halls.  We saw all the old shops and how Smithfield in Belfast looked. ‘ back in the day ‘.

We watched old videos of stars such as Laurel and Hardy, heard local funny poetry and music videos of Elvis and Patsy Cline.

The residents loved it and Harry said he had so much more to show us  so we will see next time what else there is to remember.


In other news Anna was a bakery owner in Ballymena  so she was showing up the ropes during baking class teaching us some cake decorating skills. Naturally there’s always willing volunteers for a good cake tester and Nurse Manager Maria is always near the top of the queue !