Why Didn’t the Ghost Dance at The Clonlee Halloween Party?

He had no ‘body’ to dance with of course. Only joking Nurse Manager Pepsi is always up for a dance with anyone!

Halloween was a time of great excitement in Clonlee with the residents  very busy icing and decorating the wee buns with scary faces.
Mary remarked that it was a long time since she did any decorating but after seeing the different designs we don’t think she has lost her touch. Kathleen just thought it was too long to wait till the kettle boiled for tea so she just creamed and ate and said ‘that was a lovely wee bun’. Leanne, was on hand to give a few tips to Audrey but it was to no avail as Robert, head chef, decided Laura the winner of the Halloween Buns.

Then without further ado it was time for the party. The residents were looking forward to dressing up in their Halloween outfits and having a good old party. Stuart, entertained everyone with his music and sing-a-long, but the main part was everyone trying to ‘duck for apples’.
Alex said he was always very good at it and he certainly has not lost his touch as he was the first to get an apple out of the water. Margaret recalls trying to catch an apple when it was tied on a string from the ceiling. Irene, said she liked cracking hazelnuts and eating apple tarts, Eileen, remembers putting sixpence in the apple tarts for everyone.

Oh the memories we collect as we go through life!