Surprise Guests at Clonlee Lift the Spirits

Welcome to some new residents in Clonlee.
Rory Brown heard that his mother Mrs Brown was in lockdown in Antrim and after a difficult time trying to finding her due to restrictions on travel, he found her safe and well in Clonlee under the care of Pepsi and her Angels  – they even checked his ID and temperature before allowing him to chat through the window….just to be sure to be sure!
His Mammy said she was safe and well but Granda was eating all the buns and then falling asleep….but she was very thankful that Winnie her best friend was beside her…2metres..apart of course all day.
Rory shouted into her (she’s hard of hearing ….batteries low) …that they will have a big day out at Foley’s when the Covid-19 is over …..her reply…THAT’S NICE !
In other news in this fine weather Audrey loves nothing better than attending to the flower pots.
Audrey likes to make herself helpful around the home, and as the weather is so inviting and Summer is just around the corner she has Laura’s flower pots already for bedding plants.  We’re looking forward to a beautiful blooming display. Well done Audrey !