National Fish And Chip Day Makes Clonlee The Plaice to Be Thanks to The Chippy Antrim

See what I did there? Plaice to be…never mind- there was no codding about it was the best day of the week in Clonlee when the residents heard they were having a Fish Supper for dinner.

The dining room was fully booked and orders were coming in fast to the kitchen for bread and butter to make a chip butty!

What a LOVELY super surprise from The Chippy, who donated fish and chips to the residents and staff to mark National Fish and Chip Day….Joanne told everyone that it is the favourite dish of many British people and that there are now around 10,000 Fish and Chip shops in the UK. Almost 150 years ago Joseph Malin opened one and soon after that there was more….well we all need to  thank Joseph for the idea and we also THANK Joanne for the kind donation of a very delicious meal …all served up in the traditional way in newspaper.

Nothing beats a Fish Supper and a BIG THANKS once again to the Chippy in Antrim for this lovely gesture which was greatly appreciated by all the residents and staff.