Flower Arranging Classes at Clonlee A Blooming Success With Residents

There is always something new to entertain the residents at Clonlee so the ladies were all excited to know they were going to take part in flower arranging and so it was a rush to get the best seats at the table.
Helen from Ivy Lane, Church Street Antrim had come to show them how to arrange a small display of flowers. The room was filled with the fresh scent of flowers and lots of chat about  the flowers and their meaning.

Audrey thought red roses were a sign of love but Helen informed us it really is white roses for love and explained that pretty flowers and bright colours and soothing scent can brighten any room and lift up your mood at the same time.

Some of the ladies said they had done some flowers arranging before and were delighted to have the opportunity again..

Laura thanked Helen for the most delightful afternoon and said she would like to see her back again soon. All in all another ‘blooming successful ‘ day at Clonlee!