Clonlee Residents Enjoy Animal Therapy With a Difference

Casey’s Creatures from Portrush visited Clonlee and introduced the residents to a lots of wonderful animals. There was an incredible selection of animals that we would never get the chance to see or touch up close  – Guinness the Skunk, Nala the Raccoon, Nemo the meerkat, Conkers the hedgehog, Barney the boa-constrictor, ringtail lemurs, and an owl.

Casey told everyone about the colour of their eyes and when they hunt.He also explained that all the animals in his care are rescued animals and how he just loves everything to do with animals – big or small.
There was lots of ‘ooohs and aaahhs’ as Casey took the animals up close to the residents and everyone was thrilled to get touching such wonderful creatures.

Come back soon Casey and bring more of your fabulous friends!