All Aboard – Clareview’s Summer Outing To North Down Gold Coast Capital A Great Success

Clareview had their summer outing on Tuesday 11th June in Bangor this year known to most as the capital of the affluent North Down Gold coast.
They did consider a cruise as you can see but everyone thought the food would be better at Clareview so they declined the offer to climb
aboard the cruise ship.
Everyone had a fantastic day and the weather was very kind to so on the way back Nurse Manager Sharon led the singing with all the residents and staff hitting the right notes with this well known favourite – adapted for local use of course !

‘Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor
A beautiful day, we had lunch on the way and all for under a pound you know
But on the way back I cuddled with Jack and we opened a bottle of cider
Singing a few of our favourite songs as the wheels went around

Wasn’t it nice, eating chocolate ice as we strolled around the fun-fair
Then we ate eels in big ferris wheels as we sailed around the ground but then
We had to be quick ’cause Elsie felt sick and we had to find somewhere to take her
I said to her lad, what made her feel bad was the wheel going ’round’

Everyone is already looking forward to next years outing and who knows where these party animals from Clareview will end up !