Never a Dull Moment at Ballyclare as We Welcome Some Very Special Visitors

Now we all know that you receive a very warm welcome at Ballyclare and visitors are treated like royalty by both staff and residents.

Recently we had an extra special visitor to Ballyclare as we all enjoyed butterfly watching – on this occasion it was The Painted Lady that comes once every 10 years. The even better news was that we had plenty of them plus lots of others in the garden. Can you tell which one is The Painted Lady and which one is The Peacock Butterfly?

Another visitor who is always welcome is Lenny the Dementia Barber who joined us to pamper the men for the afternoon. Quite right too as men need some TLC as well as the ladies! All our gentlemen had a lovely afternoon getting pampered and enjoying the head phones.

Halloween at Blllyclare was a hoot and we all enjoyed the day with staff dressing up, music playing while we tried our hand at apple dunking where everyone had a good laugh.

Our final recent visitor was Gary Linton and everyone enjoyed listening to Gary talking about the Boer War, World War 2 whilst showing us memorabilia and providing interesting information, pictures, postcards, letters and even bars of chocolate in the original tin unopened. We even had a chance to see tobacco in a tin that Queen Mary had organised for the men at war and lots of other interesting things!

A BIG THANKS to everyone involved in making sure we are always entertained at Ballyclare.