Investing in Our People!

Hutchinson Care Homes continue to develop and prepare for the future of the company and are pleased to make an announcement about some changes to its leadership team structure.

In making the announcement to the managers of the group yesterday Janet Montgomery introduced Eddy Kerr as the new Managing Director, Iris Hume as the Finance Director and Louise Montgomery as the Corporate Services Manager.

The three appointments will strengthen the team at Head Office and within the new structure clearer communication lines have been established and accountability increased. In sharing this info with the wider management team Janet said, ‘This is a big step forward for Hutchinson Care Homes and we trust Eddy in his leadership to prepare us for the future. Iris has been a significant part of the Hutchinson Care Homes ‘family’ for 18 years and as a mainstay of the organisation we know she has all the skills and ability needed to be part of taking the company forward. This is and has been a very challenging time which will need all the skills available to steer a way through the months ahead.’ Louise Montgomery takes up the post as Corporate Services Manager and will work closely with Eddy in making sure structures, communication, governance and planning is maximised on a day to day basis.

Naomi Carey, Director of the Hutchinson Care Homes Group went on to also say, ‘This is a significant day for the company, our care homes, residents and staff. It signals a clear intention that we plan to come out of this Covid-19 era, stronger and better prepared to deal with the challenges we will face. Iris offers the role of Finance Director so much by way of knowledge and skills. We know that she will be significant to supporting and informing the decision making process of the company. Louise is energetic and passionate about the future of the company and her skill set will ensure we not only move forward but we do it in a way which embraces all our stakeholders and ensures they are kept informed and involved. The appointment of Eddy as Managing Director comes at a time when leadership of the team will be more crucial than ever. During the global pandemic Eddy, as Group Operations Manager, has offered leadership to the team and guidance to the directors. We believe that Eddy will seek to maximise the resources and opportunities available in the years ahead and allow all our staff to find a way in which they can better serve and meet the needs of our residents and clients.’

As the two new directors Eddy & Iris both expressed their joy at being appointed but equally accepted the responsibility that comes with the roles. Iris was keen to highlight her longevity of service and the way in which the company has invested in her over the years to get her to the point of accepting such a key role in the company. Eddy as always remains passionate about wanting to make sure the people served by Hutchinson Care Homes are the main beneficiaries of these appointments and that they along with the staff team see greater service and improved relationships which impact positively on all the care homes and services deliver.

Eddy said, ‘Having just achieved Investors in People Gold Standard now is the time to build on that. Our Gold Standard staff and service have faced many challenges since March this year. We now need to find ways to recognise their efforts and create systems which seek to minimise the impact of anything which can negatively affect how care is provided in our homes. We look to the future and continue to invest in our staff, infrastructure and service provision.’

Rest assured. You’re in good hands.