Hutchinson Care Homes Welcomes Approval of Covid 19 Vaccine

The news today that a vaccine for Coronavirus has been approved for use in the UK is very welcome.
As a care provider we welcome all initiatives which are focused on defeating this global pandemic and helping us all return to a more normal existence and life style.
As a company we will support the local vaccination programme and ensure that all who wish to avail of the opportunity to be vaccinated as part of the Hutchinson Care Homes community will be able to do so.
The vaccination remains a choice and no one will be asked to accept the vaccination against their wishes. Our residents come first and the consultation will begin today with a memo issued to all residents and next of kin to ascertain their intentions re the potential roll out of the vaccination.
With regards staff a similar consultation will begin to ascertain the interest levels in receiving the vaccine. For those who wish to receive the same all efforts to support this will be made. In welcoming the announcement of the vaccine approval, Group Operations Manager Eddy Kerr said, “In over 30 years of working in care homes this is one of the most significant days of my experience. We are delighted to hear of this approval and although there will be many who have reservations about accepting the vaccine I , along with the directors of the company, will be more than delighted to take the lead and receive the vaccine as early on as possible. We want our staff and residents to have freedom of choice around this vaccine delivery but I feel that the majority of people are relieved to hear of this approval and are ready to work with the coordinated efforts to roll this out.’
Across all our care settings we welcome initiatives which potentially help defeat this virus and reduce the impact of the effect it has had on our daily lives.
Congratulations to all those who have been working tirelessly on producing and approving this vaccine.
Eddy Kerr – Group Operations Manager