Removing The Barriers and Building The Screens Ready for Reopening for Visits

At Hutchinson Care Homes we are keen to see visitors back in our homes very soon. Not only do the individual family members benefit from the interaction but visits are the life blood of our community!

As we strive to limit the impact of this virus, we have identified not only specific areas but also means by which visits can easily be facilitated across various rooms and locations in our homes. Our estates team are currently working on building portable screens which can be used in all our homes. Our Estates Team have been designing and building these screens to facilitate visits as soon as it is deemed possible to do so.

These guys are a major part of all we do in regard to fighting this virus. All too often we forget how much effort goes into keeping our care homes infrastructure up to standard and they have been a key part of keeping the supplies available, the buildings secure and been part of the regular cleaning services too.

We thank them and we celebrate them too for all the extra miles they have travelled literally and metaphorically these last 8 months. Time to get the screens up and we hope to see visitors very soon !