Christmas Cheer and Cheering…

Hutchinson Care Homes are pleased to announce that the Recognition Payment for staff in the independent care sector is becoming a reality for its staff. Following the issuing of an explanation document and electronic forms to claim this on behalf of our staff the admin team led by our Finance Director, Iris Hume, were set the task of completing all the documentation required in record time and ensure that all claims for existing staff in Phase 1 of the payment process was completed by 10th November 2021. 

The team achieved this target set by the Finance Director, Iris Hume, and notification has now been received to advise that the staff should be receiving their payments in the December pay roll. We eagerly anticipate these payments now becoming a reality from Department of Health so we can pass it on to our teams. 

In a statement earlier, Iris said how she was so proud of the admin team who pulled out all the stops to complete the applications on behalf of their colleagues. The staff receiving this payment are so deserving of it and Iris also expressed her thanks to HSCT staff who reviewed, processed and confirmed the claims so efficiently in order to make sure the payments could be made in time for Christmas. 

Eddy Kerr, Managing Director, added that he was obviously delighted with the swift completion of these claims by Iris and her team but stressed that how the real plus of this story was that the very deserving staff who have been committed to caring for the most vulnerable during the global pandemic will benefit. They are now being recognised by the awarding and payment of this fund. Our staff are delighted to be the recipients of this award which is recognition by the Department of Health of all they have been doing over the last 2 years. Many have expressed their thanks that Hutchinson Care Homes admin team have been so efficient in processing the applications on their behalf so soon after the guidance on the process was issued. 

The recognition payment was announced in January 2021 and this is a timely and welcome boost for care staff who have worked through further ‘waves’ of the pandemic since that announcement. Christmas cheer for all our staff but keep cheering the workforce across the care sector please!