Where will Ronnie The Clonlee Elf Turn Up Next ?

Well Ronnie the Clonlee Elf is really getting around Clonlee over the weekend and we never know where he is going to turn up next ! Never mind Where’s Wally – where’s Ronnie ?
After his little run on Glynis’s tea trolley he just had to sample the sandwiches and pass on his comments to cook Adele and her kitchen assistants, Terry and Elaine.

Staff Nurse Kate came in just in time to make him a cup of tea….ho…ho…it must be 11.00am …and after a quick peep at the healthy dinner everyone is going to have, Ronnie assisted Chanti with the washing-up. What a gentleman Ronnie is !

Oh such a busy day in Clonlee-   I wonder where Ronnie will visit next ?