Weight a Moment ! Whats going on at Clonlee with Victor and Hugh ?

Just for the record ladies – there is not a shortage of strong men at Clonlee if you ever need something heavy shifting and need some muscle.
Residents Hugh and Victor meet up regularly to work out on the weights – working off all the calories they put on at meal times eating all those delicious meals the kitchen serve up.
Hugh is a retired trainer in weights and strength management and has coached lot of athletics in hammer, shot, disc, and javelin throwing over 40 years. He has fond memories of them all, Maeve and John Kyle and Ian McMullan, all Ireland shot putter to name a few.
“I haven’t forgot any of them said Hugh. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years of training and it has been a great honour to have been in this position, coaching 7 nights a week and training so may great athletics.  Madeline, my wife was a great support to me during this time. I have travelled all over the place with the teams but especially liked Canada.”
Hugh commented that he was never any good myself but had the insight to see the abilities in other people and to bring the talent to the fore. “It’s a gift.”
Victor comes looking to do the exercise after lunch and we do the work out then. Everyone has seen an improvement in his ability and attitude to the programme and what we are trying to achieve is strength building and to prevent him doing any damage to himself.
Victor, himself said he is really enjoying it and getting so much satisfaction from the exercise. He recommends it to everyone to join in.
Both Hugh and Victor have been watching the Commonwealth Games on TV and finding the events great entertainment.