The ‘AN Singers’ Announce Antrim Based Tour at Clonlee Birthday Bash

Now you may not have heard of them just yet but remember you heard of them here first!  It’s the ‘AN Singers ‘ from Hutchinson Care Homes – that’s ‘Activity Nurses‘ to those of us in the know !

Now all the Activity Nurses from each of the seven nursing homes within the Group have formed a choir and they all got together to practice their Carol singing under the leadership of Victoria, Activity Nurse  from Antrim Care Home. Now if anyone knows this group first hand the best way to start their ‘engines’ is with refreshments in the form of tea and cake so it was no surprise that they started their rehearsals with surprise birthday cake for the two birthday girls of Gem and Victoria !

All the Activity Nurses will be performing as a group in all the homes over Christmas so watch out for the dates on the web site and come along and support the girls. Well worth a visit I can assure you !