Clonlee Residents are Minted at Reminiscing Group …. even if it was just for one day !

There was great fun had by all as Helen and Tommy took centre stage at the recent reminiscing group held in Clonlee. We borrowed a loan box from  the Royal Mint which was filled with treasures and lots of information about our currency.  Different items triggered of memories when we all used pounds, shillings and pence or £, s d to those of a certain vintage… those were the days when a penny in your pocket could buy a great big penny chew.
The Royal Mint Museum Reminiscence Box project is an opportunity for those living in residential care to interact with a part of their museum collection and share memories from their lives. The box is an activity resource, containing genuine and replica items, audio-description and storytelling, and activity guidance for care workers. The whole Museum team is passionate about contributing to the positive wellbeing of those living and working in residential care across the nation, and our boxes are available for all care homes in the UK to loan. Care home staff can request to borrow a box and run reminiscence sessions with their residents.
There are ten objects, including a purse of pre-decimal coins, a replica medal, a miniature Shove Ha’penny Board and a sketchbook within the box and to mark the Coronation of King Charles III on May 6, we have two special objects related to coronations. We hope these objects, including a 1953 Coronation crown, will encourage people to share any memories they may have about Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation, and events they may have attended in celebration of royal milestones.

Everyone in Clonlee is very thankful to the Royal Mint Museum for this opportunity and are very much looking forward to seeing the news coins with our  new Kings head on them.