Monday Club at Clonlee Feeling ‘Chipper’ after Christmas Break

The members of the Monday Club met again after the long break over Christmas and they were full of chat and jokes.
It was decided to have a fish and chip day so it was off to to The Chippy. The order went and when it arrived it was lashes of salt and plenty of vinegar and just enjoy them out of the paper.

Tommy said that’s the way a fish supper should be eaten and it would be even better if it was newspaper. So that started a great time of reminisces of how useful the newspaper was in the young days . William told everyone that on a Saturday morning he had to tear up the newspaper into even squares to be used in the wee shed by the family!

Pat remembered it being used as a tablecloth and some told stories how they used to make paper aeroplanes after their Dad read it – what wonderful  memories that came back after eating fish supper from the paper bag.

However after eating and drinking far to much over Christmas and fish suppers it was time for the the residents started their usual routine of exercise with Mark.

It was up and over and down and swing them arms all about in time with the music. Carol said it was really nice to have Mark back again and is looking forward to next month.