Clonlee Nurse Manager Pepsi tried her hand at being a Tree Surgeon but she couldn’t hack it so they gave her the axe!

There was advice in abundance as it was time to dispense with two overgrown trees at Clonlee Nursing Home. Everyone seemed to enjoy watching the tree surgeons at work and everyone had an opinion on the best way to complete the task.
None were more outspoken than Nurse Manager Pepsi who took it upon herself to show the tree surgeons how it should be done.
After completion Pepsi spoke to payroll who advised her, “I have a note from Eddy Kerr to pay  you  for cutting down one tree this week at Clonlee.”

Hold on a minute Pepsi replies, “I actually cut down two trees.”

“Are you sure?” says the payroll administrator “Eddy Kerr counted only one on the truck leaving.”

“Sure, I’m sure,” replies Pepsi. “I kept a log