Clonlee Monday Club Enjoy Visit from Staff of Antrim Animal Sanctuary

There is always something different in Clonlee and on this occasion the Monday Club enjoying a visit from Helen and Anna from Antrim Animal Sanctuary.

Helen told them all about the wonderful work that volunteers do at the Animal Sanctuary in Antrim. She talked about the dogs she fosters at home, ones that are too old and unwanted and showed lots of photos of the dogs to everyone. The Animal Sanctuary keep all dogs and never put them down which means some dogs can be there for some time. Helen has been doing this for 13 years and calls her house a retirement home for dogs.

There was lots of stories from everyone about their pets, Terry said he had a Jack Russel for 19 yrs. Victor had fond memories of Jet and Carol told us all about Sam, a boxer that she had as a child and dressed it up in dolls clothes !