Post: Peripatetic Staff Nurse/Learning & Development Nurse Leader

Reports to:  Managing Director, Head Office (Nurse Manager of relevant Home)

Based: Head Office, 6b Steeple Road, Antrim

Hours:  37.5 hours per week

Rate of pay: competitive rate depending on experience

Specific duties

  • To work a minimum of two Nursing shifts per week within the Hutchinson Group at a location required by the operations of the business.
  • To deliver training/coaching/mentoring as required by the operations of the business including but not limited to mandatory training and moving and handling training. To demonstrate the flexibility to be able to coach/mentor/develop and deliver training programmes and support nurses with their continuous development as required across the Hutchinson Group.


Nursing Duties to include:

  • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate all forms of resident and patient care.
  • Develop resident and patient care plans, ensure they are managed via EPICARE and that the care is received in accordance with the care plan and reviewed accordingly.
  • To prescribe medication, with proper monitoring of the drug/s, dose/s, time/s, route/s and resident/s administered to. Ensure that the medication/s are properly taken, and monitor for any normal, positive or negative effects of the drug/s.  Thereafter ensure that all recording is accurately and correctly undertaken.
    To ensure the safety and control of all stock drugs and prevention of overstocking or out of date drugs.
  • Ensure all controlled drugs are checked daily and the controlled drug book signed to verify the check by two members of staff, one of who must be trained.
  • Ensure that nursing care is delivered in accordance with company policies and procedure.
  • To liaise with residents, staff, GPs, and other multi-disciplinary team members in order to promote first class quality care.
  • Observe and report on the conditions of residents and patients and maintain their records accurately and legibly.
  • To have knowledge of and use of, any equipment within the Nursing Homes. To regularly check that all equipment is used safely is in order and no defects exist.
  • To respond to the residents` and patients` spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological needs.
  • Ensure the maintenance of a safe and acceptable environment for residents and patients and take appropriate action to achieve and ensure this.
  • To have the knowledge and expertise to act in proactive manner in an emergency situation, taking the lead in directing other staff accordingly.
  • Maintain effective communication with relative and other stakeholders regarding the needs of residents or patients.
  • Manage all untoward incidents taking appropriate action and report to the Nurse in Charge/Nurse Manager.
  • Participate in quality assurance and service development programmes supporting the continuous improvement of quality care.
  • Accompany residents and patients on outings as per their care programme.
  • Observe and ensure confidentiality in relation to all aspects of work.
  • Comply with NMC guidelines and professional code of conduct at all times.


  • Manage complaints appropriately and liaise with Line Manager.
  • Ensure full understanding and compliance with regard to safeguarding processes and documentation required to be processed include APP1.
  • Ensure compliance with all policies and procedures.
  • Ensure the safe keeping of residents belongings and valuables in accordance with company policy.
  • Ensure when inducting new staff a full and robust programme is followed documenting all progress.
  • Ensure accident book is completed for all incidents/accidents.


Human Resources

  • Lead the team of Care Assistants on duty supervising and delegating appropriately.
  • Complete supervision and appraisal documentation as required.
  • Take part in investigatory and disciplinary processes as required.
  • Ensure staff are fully compliant with all policies across the organisation and proactively manage any concerns that may arise.
  • Proactively manage any staff shortages that may occur.



  • Support the Senior Staff Nurse/Nurse Manager
  • Project and promote a professional, efficient and caring company image at all times.
  • Ensure full engagement with all learning and development/training programmes and meetings as required.
  • Take the lead in inducting new staff.
  • Ensure the promotion and adherence to health and safety across the organisation at all times.
  • Demonstrate commitment and positivity towards the Company going the extra mile to ensure an excellent standard of nursing care.
  • Promote good housekeeping and prevent neglect of furnishings, fitments and equipment.
  • Proactively ensure efficient management of company resources at all times.
  • To undertake any other duties and responsibilities, which may be required from time to time to fulfil the requirements of the role within the nursing home.


Learning and Development nurse leader duties to include:

  • Deliver mandatory training, moving and handling as required across the organisation.
  • Develop and deliver relevant training programmes as required across the organisation in partnership with HR and SMT.
  • Take the lead in supporting and coordinating the team of moving and handling trainers across the organisation.
  • Coach/mentor and support staff whilst on duty as Nurse across the organisation, liaising with relevant Nurse Managers regarding learning needs and continuous development of individuals.
  • Partake in induction as required for new Staff Nurse across the organisation.
  • Ensure full evaluation and assessment of all training delivered, producing information and reports for SMT.
  • Take part in supervision and appraisals through Head Office.
  • Take part in internal/external meetings and strategic programmes of work as required.

* This job description is not meant to be definitive nor restrictive and will be modified to meet changing needs of the business. At times you may be required to carry out a task not listed above.


Essential Criteria

  • Bachelors, Masters or Post-graduate qualification (or equivalent)
  • Registered nurse with NMC
  • Proven experience providing quality care to residents in a compassionate and caring manner
  • Proven experience leading and supervising a team in a Nursing environment
  • Holds a current accreditation in moving and handling
  • Is an accredited and experienced trainer in a range of learning and development programmes
  • Excellent organisation and planning skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to engage with individuals at all levels
  • Passionate about continuous learning and development for self and others
  • Keeps abreast with developments in Nursing practice



Desirable Criteria

  • Experience working as a Nurse in a Care Home setting