Daily Update – Thursday 26 March

Today we want to focus on our residents and the impact this is having them. Staff continue to seek ways in which to keep life as normal as possible with the restrictions currently in place and the challenges being presented.

Residents are being cared for appropriately and many of them are offering words of encouragement and praise to the staff who are bravely working through this global pandemic situation. The recognition of the staff going the extra mile is very welcome and serves to be a motivating factor across the group.

One of our residents has penned two letters which he wishes us to share as widely as is possible. He is happy to be identified as the signatory and wants to encourage and assure those who read these of the care being received and the ongoing quality of life he is experiencing.

We continue to work tirelessly on behalf of all our residents and make sure they are comfortable and feel at peace through this ongoing test and challenging time.

The Letters from Johnny

Do remember the main message everyone – stay at home and thereby support our staff to stay strong to care!