Meet a few of Our Happy Staff from all around the World

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We like to think that at Hutchinson Care Homes we look after our staff who enjoy working for us as part of a team but please don’t take our word for it. Listed below are comments from just a few of the staff who work for Hutchinson Care Homes telling you why Hutchinson Care Homes is such a good place to work within the care home environment. If you are interested in working for us we offer excellent training opportunities, attractive terms and conditions and a long and rewarding career.

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Maria Pereira, Staff Nurse, Portugal

” I can say that I got to Hutchinson Care Homes by a coincidence, but a simple and motivating process that made me leave my family and friends and change my country. Living in Northern Ireland has been a challenge. Not so far from Portugal and not so different but yet with its own traditions, culture and charm.

Working in a nursing home can be demotivating for many recent graduates for thinking that there will not be challenges! The diversity of residents means greater diversity of pathologies and interesting cases to be studied, new things to be learned. It is amazing to work here!

As it is a different country, a new language also had to be tackled, English yes, but with a different accent than I was used to, so the difficulties that emerged were overcome, and as the locals say “if you understand an elderly you will understand any of us”!

Hutchinson Care Homes has six homes, but nevertheless makes me feel as part of a family. Drummaul House is now like my second home!

I cannot forget to thank the staff, who joined me in the best possible way and residents who welcomed me so warmly. An extraordinary relationship that day after day has been promoted.

It is a pleasure to work for the family that is Hutchinson Care Homes!”


Patrick Gates, Student Nurse, Ballymena

“My name is Patrick Gates and I am a 1st year nursing student at the University of Ulster Magee and recently completed my 11 week long placement at Drummaul House, Randalstown, part of the Hutchinson Care Home Group.

With the support of the staff I settled in very quickly as I had very little nursing experience within a care home setting before, so I gained a lot of knowledge from all the staff at Drummaul House. I would like to thank them for everything they have done, taught and offered me as student nurse and as a care assistant.

My placement at Drummaul House was enjoyable and a very educating experience learning from the caring, devoted and knowledgeable staff. My mentor was also a very dedicated nurse who any student nurse would be pleased to have – her awareness of the theory and practical side of nursing gave me a greater insight in to the profession and aspired me to do the best job that I can.”


Jibin Kuriakose, Adaptation Nurse, India

It’s been a fantastic journey with the Hutchinson Care Homes, over the past year. The support I’ve received from the management and my colleagues, helps me to keep myself away from the culture shock with which I would have ended up in. So I would say from the bottom of my heart that Clonlee would be a perfect destination for any over seas aspirants as Clonlee considers them as a part of their own family, so you get a strong feeling of togetherness, which you cannot get from anywhere else.”


Eunice Molloy, Care Assistant, Ghana

“Hello my name is Eunice Molloy. I am originally from Ghana, West Africa. I am now living in Northern Ireland, for me moving away from my own family was really hard but you know what. That is the way life goesI have made very good and faithful friends and even got myself a new wonderful family. People in Northern Ireland are very warm and friendly.

My friends have helped me to get a job; exactly the kind of job I was looking forward to; Hutchinson Care Home and precisely Clonlee Nursing Home. Since I started working in this nursing Home. The management, residents and Owners have also accepted me as part of their team. I now see Clonlee Nursing as my second home, full of lovely people. One other thing about Hutchinson Care is that, no matter your level, they help you to get the qualification that you need for the job. Thank you all. I enjoy working with you all.

Northern Ireland is my Home now and I am very happy to be part of this winning team.”


Valentin Drenea, Staff Nurse, Romania

“I’m Valentin Drenea, I’m 22 years old man and I arrived from Romania, a beautiful country with many places to visit. I had to leave Romania as working as a nurse is impossible and I made a decision to relocate to Northern Ireland to work.
I had applied to an agency to assist me in finding work, they put me in touch with the Hutchinson Care Homes. The company specialise in the care of elderly, palliative care and respite care.
Their moto is “Rest assured, you`re in good hands!”
I arrived here on 4th of June and I started to work in Clonlee Nursing home as Adaptation Nurse on 6th of June 2014 and I realised that it was a very important opportunity the Hutchinson Group has given me, to work beside the best staff and supervised by the best manager and director’s of this company and in this field of care.

Northern Ireland is my home now and I am very happy to be part of this winning team.”