Hutchinson Care Homes Welcomes SAS: Who Dares Wins Winner Connor Smyth

Members of the management team of Hutchinson Care Homes had an opportunity to benefit from the experiences of SAS: Who Dares Wins reality TV show winner Connor Smyth at a recent managers meeting and lunch.

Connor who is from Newtownards is a renowned Irish Dancer and had been performing in the touring version of Lord of the Dance prior to the Covid-19 era. More recently though Connor starred in the Channel 4 reality TV show Who Dares Wins and ended up winning the completion which had started out with 44,000 applicants.

Connor shared his story of the show but linked in aspects of his dancing career and early childhood growing up in an family of seven kids with an enthusiastic Irish Dancing mother and a grandfather who always expected more once one level of success was reached. Connor shared freely with the team his approach to being disciplined, showing resilience, facing your demons and just how to simply overcome fears and thoughts of things you thought not possible to achieve.

During a Q&A session at the conclusion of the event Connor was asked if during the Channel 4 show there was ever a time when he felt it was all about him and promoting Connor Smyth. In answering the question Connor related back to his reason for being on the show. He was always focused on making sure that ‘Irish Dancing’ was the thing he wanted to showcase and highlight but to do so he had to ensure he worked as a team member with the other contestants also to achieve the greater goal of success. Eddy Kerr, MD of Hutchinson Care Homes thanked Connor for his time and very personal insight in to what makes him the success he is and believes that what Connor shared with everyone present was very valuable knowledge and everyone present could benefit from taking on board aspects of Connor’s presentation to the assembled managers.”

Connor hopes to be back on the road soon with the touring Lord of the Dance and everyone at Hutchinson Care homes wishes him well in all he does.