Daily Update ~ Monday 30 March

Today we want to thank our partners even in these early stages of dealing with a developing situation we have become very aware of the need to work in partnership with many others. The situation requires great cooperation and a lot of understanding with people remaining calm at all times.

Over the last few days, we have had to rely on the generosity, kindness and the travelling of extra miles to which many of our suppliers & partner organisations have gone to in order to maintain the continued well-being of residents and staff. We could provide examples of people opening stores travelling many miles and being creative in their actions to advise and design temporary solutions to help sort out problems as they arise. We are well aware at any time of the reliance on our ‘partners’ but never has it been more obvious than these past few days.

We have had donations of food from retail and takeaway settings, equipment from schools, creative engineers doing their thing and salespeople travelling to stores to open them and provide us with key equipment and parts!

To all who are working with us thank you! Our staff and residents are and will be always grateful.

As we work through this ‘crisis’ we are looking forward from today to some of our staff who have been self-isolating coming to the end of their period of being unable to contribute to the workforce and team efforts. As these staff start to end their periods of isolation, they will be most welcome additions. We do still require staff across all grades and roles. We will also be building a register of volunteers so if you do wish to work at Hutchinson Care Homes or let us know about your willingness to volunteer please do get in touch via this email address: – general@hutchinsoncarehomes.com and someone will be in touch with you.

When making contact please do give your full name, a telephone number and detail in which way you want to be involved as an employee or volunteer with guidance of your skill set also included. If you wish to only be considered for a specific home please indicate this also.

Do remember the main message everyone – stay at home and thereby support our staff to stay strong to care!