Turning 21 in Quarantine – Glenkeen Style !

Happy 21st to our carer Rebecca!
Rebecca turned 21 on the 23rd of May this year. Due to Rebecca’s never-ending efforts for her dedication to her job, like the rest of the staff at Glenkeen, Rebecca has been isolating for the safety of herself and our residents. But here at Glenkeen, no birthday goes unrecognised so between Jackie and all the staff, we done a collection for Rebecca and held a surprise party for her on the day of her birthday.
Rebecca, being completely oblivious to the surprise, was so touched and warm-hearted at the fact we went to so much effort to ensure she could celebrate her 21st non isolated. Rebecca is an extremely hard worker and her efforts are truly recognised within Glenkeen as she always goes the extra mile within her work.
We, as a team in Glenkeen, understand it is very hard for our staff who isolate and live alone, but with our continuous support in Glenkeen from all staff members, we thought we would ease the loneliness for Rebecca….. so what did we do? Yes that’s right, we bought her a box full of different gins to ‘sample’.
Happy 21st Becky!!