Socially Distant Golden Wedding Celebrations in Glenkeen!

Happily Married After 50 Years (600 Months) That’s 18,262 days, 438,288 Hours Which Is 26, 297,280 Minutes!

Mr and Mrs Campbell celebrated their wedding anniversary here in Glenkeen. After not being able to see one another during lockdown to being able to reunite in time for their wedding anniversary was truly special. Mr Campbell came and visited his wife here in Glenkeen and greeted her with gifts. It was a slight different wedding anniversary celebration as we all had to adhere to the social distancing guidelines but nevertheless Mrs Campbell was happy to have seen her husband after a long 4 months.

Mr and Mrs Campbells’ daughter and granddaughter also came along to celebrate and wish them both Happy Anniversary through the window due to our new Guidelines for Visiting Policies.

Being married 50 years is a fantastic achievement and attests to the fact that they are meant for eachother. Mr and Mrs Campbell’s love is a brilliant example of how love, trust, happiness and laughter is one of the main keys to a long lasting happy marriage.

From all of us at Glenkeen, we wish these two lovebirds a very happy and healthy wedding anniversary.