Glenkeen tapped their feet to the beat to the wonderful music group called ‘Music to your ears’

Our activity therapist, Michaela brought in a group called ‘Music to your ears’ which the residents absolutely loved. They had lots of fun playing party games to the music such as, pass the parcel, sing a long and throwing the ball. Martha who is 102 joined in as well.

They all enjoyed a good bite to eat afterwards with sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, sandwiches and buns! Everyone had full bellies!

One thing about our residents at Glenkeen they are not camera shy and are very interested to learn about the elements of the variety of instruments such as the piano, accordion and banjo.

Michaela loves to keep everyone busy at Glenkeen and brings positive vibes and happiness to everyone as she organised a lovely couple to come in and sing a few well known songs which went down a treat for everyone! Here is a picture of Philomena and as you can tell, she definitely enjoyed the wonderful singing and playing on the piano.

Days like these brings everyone together and is a good bonding day for staff as well, as we are all one big family for our residents.

Michaela our activity therapist found out our lovely Bethany who is a carer at Glenkeen could Irish dance! So Michaela asked if she would do a wee jig and Bethany certainly did, she blew everyone away with all her moves. The staff and residents really enjoyed it and went down a treat. Here you can see Bethany tapping her feet round the room and jumping in the air. What a talent!

Everyone clapped and cheered to very well known Irish songs and music and one very well known Irish song, Tell me ma! This was something a bit different as it showed Bethany’s hidden talent and an insight to a different culture. Keep your head high and your clicks and flicks higher!