Drummaul Residents and Staff On Strike I Hear?

No not that kind of strike – the residents and staff were playing ten pin bowling this week and the competitive side in our residents came to the fore !

In other news staff and residents read a book about a childhood in the 1940’s  and following that we made one of the recipes that were used to make the rations go further at this time. This week it was peppermint creams and these recipes are great conversation starters and it makes for great story telling.

We held our regular residents meeting this week and the kitchen team always  go all out to please. This time we had scones cream and jam, tray bakes or wheaten and cheese for those that don’t have a sweet tooth and a nice cup of tea or coffee to wash it down.

This is an open space for residents to make suggestions for any activities they wish to happen in the home and we discuss all departments of the home and ask if everyone is happy and if there is anything they would like to discuss.