The Secret is Out On Valentines Day at Clonlee…Nurse Manager Pepsi Has Secret Admirers in Abundance

It required quite a few muscles from our very own postwoman Audrey on Valentine’s Day at Clonlee as she struggled with the volume of cards received.

But with a little help from staff  she took to her task with great gusto. She was well surprised when the post box was opened and there were cards galore for the men but guess who got the most cards ?

Yes …we were surprised too but after a recount it was confirmed that Nurse Manager Pepsi had received the most cards. What is going on Pepsi with all these Secret admirers ?

The residents were all loved up with a very romantic meal with their loved ones and Maureen said “Robert makes the most delicious meal in town” and thanked him for the wonderful day she spent with Alec.
Never mind Valentino….we had Stuart, to play all the old love songs to woo the ladies and Tommy to hand out the chocolate heart sweets …..what a day to be all loved up !

Dearest Darling Ducky, Your face is very mucky,
Never mind, love is blind . Dearest darling Ducky !