Thanks for Your Gifts, Supportive Thoughts and Cards from Everyone at Clonlee

It’s  a Big THANK YOU to Anne Gilliland for making the  scrub bags for all the staff in Clonlee to use in the current crisis. Pepsi, Nurse Manager was touched when Anne sent in a large bag containing colourful bags for the staff to carry their uniform home with them after coming of shift.

Pepsi said “Thoughtful gifts like this helps us get through difficult times …..Thank you Anne so much”.
In related news Clonlee are receiving their fair share of letters and cards from children and friends to help cheer up the residents. One of the letters was from Maria and she explained that she would soon be 11 and not be able to have her birthday party until later in the year. Everyone in Clonlee wished her a Happy Birthday and invited her to call in after the lock down and we could all party together.
STAY SAFE EVERYONE from all the staff and residents of Clonlee