Plenty of Snakes but No Ladders in Sight at Clonlee Monday Club

There was a mixed reaction from the Club when the guest speaker this month was Robert Woods who brought along his favourite pets – snakes!
He opened the box and showed everyone a few of his Snakes. Robert brought along 6 different ones but told everyone he has 80 altogether. Robert has had an interest since childhood when his Dad showed him how to look after them and they are kept in a special room with all the equipment close at hand.
Mary was very interested with what they got fed on and Carol said it was the first time she got to hold one in her hands. Robert informed them the snakes are carnivores and eat meat whole, bones and all and also require fresh water every day. To keep the snakes tame Robert has to work with them every day but he find it very relaxing .
Terry was unsure about the whole topic and kept a safe distance with just a wave to them telling every one he would rather play snakes and ladders any day!
Thank you Robert for bring in your pets.