Everyone at Clonlee Really Appreciates Your Thoughtfulness

It may seem we are repeating ourselves but it would be remiss of us not to say thanks to everyone who continue to support us with gifts and best wishes – here’s a few more and your generosity is truly appreciated by the residents and staff.

Here’s Amanda delivering a large bag of goodies to staff at Clonlee to show her family’s appreciation for all the care and thoughtfulness given to her father at this difficult time …..Thank You Amanda.

Meanwhile here’s   letters and cards made by Greystone Primary School children during Lockdown and sent to our lovely residents to cheer them up and let them know they were thinking about them…..Laura and Audrey sends their thanks on behalf of everyone and helped to display the letters and cards around the home.

Finally here’s members of Boyd Memorial LOL 312 delivering a large box of goodies to staff at Clonlee. Pepsi, Nurse Manager, thanked all the members of the lodge for this thoughtful gift and said it was greatly appreciated by all the staff.