Clonlee Monday Club Members Enjoy Easter Preparations and Reminiscing

The  Clonlee Monday Club met before Easter this month and were very interested in all the preparation in the home for Easter. Laura said its always a delight to see this season coming due to all the flowers in the garden and sunshine and all agreed it will be great to get outside to sit in the garden.

There was a lot of discussion about Easter traditions from the members as they all told stories about rolling their hard boiled eggs and how they painted them. A few remembered getting new outfits and bonnets for Easter Sunday but all remembered eating the chocolate eggs after dinner – except for Tommy who said he had his eaten long before that !
Next month the Monday Club Ladies are hosting a Cream Tea for their families, friends and any one that would like to join them. I’m sure Tommy will be there to eat the cream buns…. does Tommy have a sweet tooth me thinks ?