Summer at Clareview Brings Amazing Show of Ladybird and Bumblebees


The Summer brings lots of things to rejoice in and enjoy. It may be a picnic, getting out in the garden and the distinctive smell of a Summer barbeque.

It’s also a time when our gardens are a welcome haven for ladybirds and other insects as they arrive in all their splendour. Nowhere is this more visible than at Clareview nursing home in Ballyclare as Summer is a sweet affair here and attracts ladybirds and bumble bees thanks to Grace one of our cooks.

Hold on a moment ….ladybird and bumble bee cakes!

Yip, that’s right and everyone was amazed and agreed they were the best they had seen and tasted lovely.

Grace tells me that she has more surprises to come, and the residents and staff can’t wait to see what i she comes up with next. Yummy !