Clareview Complete Annual Bake Off with Podium Finish

Clareview Nursing Home were delighted with their 3rd place prize at the recent Hutchinson Care Homes Bake Off.

The Fairytale theme had us thinking hard, and we decided to do a Raspberry, White Chocolate & Pistachio Cake with a Rapunzel themed decoration.

Activity Therapist Paula had been heard stating “we aren’t aiming to win this year; as we’ve hosted it so many times now, its only fair to give another home a chance. It’s the Clareview equivalent of the Father Ted Eurovision Song Contest entry”.

Nonetheless, we are very happy with 3rd place and huge congratulations to Victoria in Antrim Care Home who came 1st, and to Gemma in Drummaul who hustled us all with tales of failed attempts for weeks leading up to the event, who gained a very credible 2nd place!