Time For Anniversary Celebrations at Clonlee for Jim and Sadie Spiers

There was plenty to celebrate recently as Jim and Sadie Spiers celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary in Clonlee.

Jim and Sadie were thrilled to tell us their love story of how they met.
It was in the dance hall in Belfast beside the Albert Clock and he just swept Sadie off her feet and that was the beginning of their 2 year courtship and off to the Church of Ireland to be married with their parents consent.
There was one bridesmaid and best man and the weather was good and after the reception for 30 guests in the Park Avenue Hotel, it was off to the Isle of man for  a one week honeymoon.
Sadie told us how frightened she was flying but with her handsome husband beside her she managed the journey .
Soon it was off to work for Jim in the Merchant Navy as an Engineer but Sadie was kept busy with two boys, Martin and Ian to look after . They are so proud of their family that has now grown and now  theyhave 4 grandchildren.
They moved to Antrim for work in Enkalon and have enjoyed social life in M.M. Golf Club, where Jim was presented with  the Captains Prize in 1996 of a gold watch.
Jim  also remembered Greystone Presbyterian Church getting built and enjoyed worshipping there every Sunday.
Congratulations to you both from everyone in Clonlee.
Your anniversary is a time for sharing your affection,
It’s obvious the two of you have quite a deep connection.
We send glad congratulations and heartfelt wishes too,
for joyful happiness and love in everything you do.