New Year Celebrations and Resolutions the order of the day at Clonlee

There were no shortage of smiling faces at Clonlee at The New Year Celebration party.

After such a great success and fun at Audrey’s Christmas party, Terry said he would like to host a New Year Celebration party so a wine and cheese party was the way to go – after all the reflections on 2017 there was new and interesting resolutions for 2018.
Terry wants improved mobility so he can do a bit of dancing while Carol wants a new hair do! Billy simply wants as good a year as last year while Mary wants to see next year in.
Finally Laura wants to lose weight after eating all the cheese and wine while Victor wants good health for everyone.
No one could believe that another new year had begun but they are all looking forward to seeing what will be in store for them.
May your troubles be less, and your blessings more and nothing but happiness come through your door.