Hutchinson at Home Team Raise Money for Children in Need on Their Visits

Now if you thought your eyes were deceiving you as you say Pudsey making home visits  around Antrim, Ballymena, Ballyclare, Crumlin and Randalstown then rest easy – you are not losing it !

This happened to be Hutchinson At Home staff dressed up in their Pudsey clothes and  with painted faces on 16th and 17th November as they set about collecting money for Children In Need.

At the end of the two days staff  were thrilled to announce they had raised  an incredible£1027.44.Our clients and staff really enjoyed this and some of the clients even wanted their photographs taken with the staff dressed up.

A BIG THANKS to everyone who got involved and to all those who contributed to a very worthy cause.

WELL DONE EVERYONE from Pudsey ! xx