Howling Banshees and Silly Witches in Abundance at Clareview Halloween Party

Last week Clareview staff and residents had a Spooktacular Halloween.  With a full day of spooky silliness there was much laughter and merriment within the home.
Staff dressed up and had ‘make a mummy’ and ‘smashing pumpkins’ games. Staff were in teams ‘The Howling Banshees’ & ‘The Silly Witches‘ and despite the latter being younger in years, experience prevailed with the Banshees winning hands down.
Residents dined on spooky party food and were later entertained by the wonderful David Curry.
We even had a visit from the cutest Count Dracula ever, young Ollie. Ollie’s mum Jemma is a Care Assistant here at Clareview.